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Warmly celebrate Jiangyin Huacai Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Official web online

      In order to meet the needs of the company's development, establish a good corporate image to meet customers through the network to understand the company's products, to understand the company's services, in December 2017 the company website finally launched, which marks Jiangyin City, Huacao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Information construction has taken a solid pace.

      Layout design is fresh and crisp, the site structure is concise, informative and informative, the website published the company's product information, investment information and recruitment information; clearly explain the company's corporate culture and the latest developments; articles in the column will continue Add updates, please feel free to pay attention!

      Website interaction is strong, the site also facilitates your communication, promote corporate product culture, the company through the website to establish a convenient channel of communication with customers; in order to better understand your opinion, to master your needs.

      Here, we must thank all friends for their support, in the days to come, we hope that better product quality and faster and better quality service to our customers back to our support and love. For more details, please contact with me, we also look forward to all the friends!

       Hope that the majority of customers put forward a lot of valuable advice, we will, as always, make every effort to provide you wi